1.How can I have Special K?

Start your day with a bowl of Special K with skim milk and a fruit.

You could replace lunch / dinner with a bowl of Special K with skim milk and fruit / dried fruits.

If you've had two meals of Special K in a day, the third meal should be a low-fat balanced one with lots of vegetables.

2. How many grams of Special K should I eat per bowl?

Relish 30g of Special K with 120ml of Skimmed milk, along with a fruit/ dried fruits

3. Where can I find tips to help me start my weight management# journey?

To learn more about weight management#, please read the tips and articles written by our experts here

4. Where can I buy Special K*?

It is available in major retail outlets. Or also log on to our Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/SpecialKIndia/ for more information on where to buy it online.

5. How much milk should I add to each bowl?

Add 120ml of skimmed milk to a 30g serving of Kellogg’s Special K

6. What kind of fruits can I add to my bowl?

Fresh and seasonal fruits are a great accompaniment to a bowl of Special K, like apples, strawberries, banana, chickoo, mango etc. You can also try nuts like almonds and other dry fruits.

7. Where can I find exciting ways to enjoy my bowl of Special K?

Try our signature recipes, developed by Chef Ranveer Brar here